See You On Monday!

Thanksgiving is our thing. Some of us travel far to be with our loved ones, some of us stay local and loved ones come to us, some of us gather with others who can’t be home, wherever that may be, some of us volunteer with our fellow humans to give them a Thanksgiving that they’re in need of. However you spend the day, there’s something pretty special about it.

It used to be that the Thanksgiving meal was the main event (probably football on the tv all day too, while the cooking or ordering was going on). And the day after was always an opportunity to just lazy about and be together, to recover from a delicious meal and the embarrassment of going around the table to say what we are thankful for (even though that tradition is a good one). And maybe, once we’d had a breakfast of random leftovers (like biscuits and cranberry sauce!) we’d rally the troops and hit the local mall to do a bit of holiday shopping.

But over the last fifteen years, that holiday shopping has changed. Since 2005, when the term “Black Friday” became a part of the regular vernacular, holiday shopping has become the main event. People leave their homes at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day, sometimes even skipping the cooking or meal altogether, to line up for the mayhem of midnight deals. Because Black Friday is a thing. And we get that. And if it’s your thing, we respect that. 

But(!) for those of you who wish it didn’t have to be you just really need to take advantage of the deals (since sometimes they are that good), we’re making a promise to you -- we’ll give you our best deal on Cyber Monday. So that you can enjoy this weekend with your family or your friends, hanging out, volunteering, helping others, being a citizen, being outdoors, whatever you want to do. We’re going to take the choice out for you. You don’t have to decide between saving money or spending quality time. You can do both. This weekend, you can unplug and spend that hard earned quality time. And on Monday, we’ll send you our best deal ever. And you can give yourself or your favorite folks the gift of Soma!

There’s something about the evolution of Thanksgiving that we here at Soma want to hold on to. And we want to make it easy for you to hold onto it too.