The Ultimate Glow Up

Fashion Week is just around the corner! When the street style game skyrockets, the parties are endless, and we have to pretend we’re getting way more sleep than we are. How, you ask? Hydration. Well, that’s at least step one.

Step One: Drink Water

We’re always telling you about the benefits of hydration but sometimes we gloss over the aesthetic benefits. Hydration is your skin’s best friend. When you are hydrated, your skin glows. Think about how great your skin looks when you’re swimming in the ocean (or a bathtub)? Only problem there is, we can’t walk around soaking wet. So we have to get water into our skin from the inside out. Dehydration leads to fine lines and wrinkles, accentuates under eye puffiness and dark circles, and dries your skin out so that it can look ashen and withered (think about the difference between a grape and a raisin!). And the lack of sleep and imbibing that goes along with fashion week only increases your chances for dehydration so upping your water intake will help to offset the revelry.

Drinking water helps to improve blood circulation, which is one of the most important bodily functions, supplying oxygen to all of our organs. In other words, keeping us alive. And hydration also aids in digestion by providing fluid balance to the intestinal tract and helping to digest soluble fiber. And if that weren’t a good enough benefit, proper digestion allows for optimal nutrient absorption which means we’ll be feeling good too.

Next, Eat (Real) Food

As we said, hydration is a good first step. But then what? Well, let’s eat. Nowadays, food is a part of our culture more than ever before. And during a busy, event-filled week, we tend to rely on electronic apps like UberEats and Caviar because they’re at our fingertips. So what do we eat? We all want something different. Some of us want it quickly, others want it to be cheap, but we all can agree on one thing: it should be tasty. And as we know, not all tasty foods are created equal. 

A good start is to eat real foods -- fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and fish, for example. They say a good rule of thumb is to only shop in the perimeter of the grocery store, because the aisles are where you’ll find the processed foods. But we know it isn’t always easy to shop and cook for yourself. It’s a busy world out there and you’re in it (especially during Fashion week!) so look for the header “Healthy” when you’re scrolling to find something to order. Or pack a few body-nourishing snacks in your bag, like whole fruit or nuts. And add avocado whenever it’s an option. It’s packed with omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for your skin (another win for the skin!), help fight inflammation, and improve sleep (which we’ll need!).

Look Good, Feel Good

This is our mantra. When we stay hydrated and eat well, even when we’re sleeping less and drinking a bit more, we’re helping to mitigate the damage. And we’ll feel pretty good, too, despite getting fewer zzz’s. Because we’ll be out having fun. And that’s the ultimate endorphin.