Staying hydrated changes everything. We know we’re always waxing poetically to you on the benefits and reasons you should stay hydrated and that’s because hydration is our passion. Last week we told you about what our filters take out so that your water is clean and safe, and now today we want to tell you about how we work to make hydration a little easier. 

We know it’s always hard to stay on top of hydration with our busy lives so we make our filters available on subscription.

You can prepay for a year at $60/year or pay-as-you-go for $12.99/filter (you can cancel this option at any time!).

We did some research and most people filter about 40 gallons every two months, so no matter which option you choose, your new filters will arrive on that schedule. 

But you don’t have to change them before they’ve finished working their magic. Each of our filters is good for 40 gallons worth of water so depending on your level of water consumption, your filter schedule might vary.

Here’s some simple math to let you know how often you should be changing your Soma filter:

Our Glass Carafe and 6-Cup Pitcher hold 48 ounces of water. At that rate, the filter will last for 106 fill-ups. If you fill yours once a day, then you’re looking at a three-month turnaround.

So hold onto your filters and change them on that schedule. If you fill it twice a day, you might want to think about moving up to our 10-Cup Pitcher.

Now, our 10-Cup Pitcher holds 80 ounces of water. That’s 64 fill-ups. At once a day, that’s right on our two-month schedule. Not bad, eh?

Sign up and drink up! Cheers!