0 Waste, 100% Fun

Parties and zero wasting feel incompatible. Decorations, trash bags, plates and cups, plastic utensils – it all really adds up. But there are small things you can do to make your parties sustainable and still stellar. And some of them even make things easier for you, which is an added bonus.

- Use proper dishes, utensils, and cups. It sounds like a headache, but it actually works in your favor. People are kinder to real dishes and they don’t just set them down anywhere, they’ll put them in the sink or on the kitchen counter when they’ve finished. So you’ll have less to clean up.

*tip: make sure the dishwasher and sink are empty before the party begins!

Decorate with fresh flowers. They’ll keep your home happy for days after the party, which is a natural mood booster, and then they’ll make a nice addition to your compost pile.

It can be hard to prepare food for a large group, but if you stick to what’s in season at your local farmer’s market and let that dictate the menu you’ll keep things sustainable (no packaged food!) and easy.

If you do buy packaged foods, opt for things that come in glass or paper boxes to reduce plastics. You can even reuse the glass containers for leftovers, for your own fridge or to send home with your guests. They’ll love you for it, they get a doggy bag and a new piece of food storage.

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