Wherever your adventures take you, be sure to bring your Soma along for the ride – refilling a glass bottle or ceramic mug saves the world from more single-use plastic and helps you fund your next journey.

A single bottle of water costs, on average, just under $1.50. So you’re looking at a cool $7.50 saved if you’re aiming for the recommended daily intake. That’s on top of the fish you’re keeping alive in the oceans and the plastic you’re keeping out of landfills.

If you’re flying, most airports have water fountains equipped with spouts specifically for refilling your glass water bottle. And if you’re out and about, you can consult Tap, a smartphone app that will let you know where the nearest water refilling station is based on your current location.

And of course, coffee and tea (which are approximately 98% water) help you reach your hydration goals too. Most shops will offer you a discount for bringing your own refillable mug. Another win for your wallet and planet earth.