Benefits of Our Travel Straw

Last week we launched our Soma Travel Straw – our newest effort to combat ocean plastic and eliminate single-use plastic straws. Today we’d like to tell you exactly why it’s so great, because there are a lot of reusable straws out there and we know you have options. Though, at the end of this, we’re going to show you why it’s no contest.

We designed and developed the Soma Travel Straw over the course of a year, troubleshooting every aspect to ensure perfection – and we hope we’re close.

What’s it made of? Borosilicate glass is durable, strong, and lead- and BPA-free. It also has a higher thermal-shock resistance so it won’t shatter in hot liquids, it has better clarity (so you can see exactly how clean it is!) and it has fewer impurities than other glass composites. Glass is also the cleanest option when it comes to taste – no metal or plastic muddling up your palate.

What about cleaning my straw? First, and importantly, the straw is made of glass – which means you can just look at it and see if it’s clean or not. Nowhere for that leftover smoothie to hide! But second, and most importantly, the straw comes with a custom-fit cleaning tool, which is essentially a squeegee for the inside of the straw, that glides through the straw pulling debris and leftover cold latte out into the sink, keeping your straw impeccably clean. 

How does it travel? You already know that the straw itself is strong, but you don’t want to shove a glass straw into your bag on its own for many reasons, so we’ve created a hard-plastic case with silicone lining to protect your straw. Plastic, you say? The dreaded material killing our oceans! Not exactly. 

Here’s why we chose it. A glass straw requires a case that is lightweight, protective, sustainable, and long-lasting. As we all know, plastic is extremely light weight (which is why it is used in electronics, like headphones!). The plastic we used (ABS) is an exceptionally strong plastic that is made to last. Unfortunately, recycled plastics could not achieve the same function and functionality is integral. Most importantly, this is not single-use plastic, it is meant to be used over and over and over again, for eons. It should never end up in our oceans or landfills, it should just keep on protecting straws until its hinges fall off and then, it should be recycled into something new and equally long lasting. 

So, think about it – 365 days of single-use plastic straws each year or reusing the same glass straw in its strong protective plastic case for days and years on end? That’s easy math.


Have we convinced you? Shop the Travel Straw, here