BYOB: Bring Your Own Bottle

We love to travel. Exploring, seeing the world, new places, the buzz of people coming and going on family vacations, solo journeys, visits with friends. But there is absolutely a rough side. The schlepping, the hassle of the airport, jet lag, a surly TSA agent, gate agent, or flight attendant or worse, a surly seatmate. The air on planes is dry and ages you years(!) in hours, the food (if there even is food) is often less than desirable, and airlines have made an art of squeezing as many people into a row as possible (we often feel like the Beastie Boys in that sardine can!). It can take a lot out of you. 

One way to combat all of it -- hydration! Most airports have water fountains equipped with spouts specifically for refilling your glass water bottle, it’s that easy. And bringing your Soma bottle along with you can make everything just a little bit better. For a whole host of reasons:

  • Hydration combats that dry airplane air, keeping your skin looking younger and fresher. 
  • Have you ever been on a flight that was too turbulent for the flight attendants to give you service, just sitting and waiting feeling parched? Or all the way at the back where you have to wait for their long descent down the aisle? With your Soma bottle by your side, you won’t need them -- turbulence, far back seat, or not.
  • You’re helping to eliminate single-use plastic that is responsible for the destruction of our reefs and our oceans.
  • You’re drinking from glass, which gives you a purer, more clean taste and is a totally natural renewable resource (because it is made from sand!).

Another way to make travel more bearable is to BYOBB: that is, Bring Your Own Brew Bottle. We’ll admit that we’re a bit particular about our coffee and we’re pretty sure you are as well. So just envision it -- airport coffee, hotel coffee, even for some of us, in-law coffee (our CEO’s mother won’t drink anything other than french press!). And there’s nothing you can do. But there is! Your brew bottle can save you from some truly disappointing coffee. Just pack it in your bag along with a tiny tin or reusable pouch of coffee grounds and you’ll be the happiest person on your flight. Because coffee really is one of life’s greatest joys. So let’s keep it that way, even when we fly.

Bon voyage!