Colder Months Call For Warmer Drinks

Colder months call for warmer drinks. We’re quickly coming up on the 1 year anniversary of being locked up inside and if you’re anything like us, you spend your days trying to make even the most mundane of tasks more exciting. Look no further! We’re taking the simplest of winter, morning routines and helping you upgrade them with the help of our Soma staff. Check out how their favorite cold weather hacks! 

“I have horrible allergies and on top of my daily meds, the only thing that seems to help is tea and honey. In the winter, I brew a cup of the Chamomile Clementine tea from Art Of Tea every night and load it up with honey. I keep it in my Ceramic Mug next to my bed to make sure I drink it all before falling asleep.” - Fran, Operations

“I love iced coffee year round (I’m one of those) so I’m always using my Brew Bottle to make sure I have cold brew on hand. My current go-to recipe is Oatly Oat Milk and Vanilla simple syrup!” - Ruby, Marketing

“I start every morning by taking my dog, Scout, on a walk in Central Park. I brew a cup of coffee in my Brew Bottle as I’m waking up and then grab it as I head out the door. The glass keeps my hands warm and cozy even on those cold NYC mornings.” - Ellie, Social Media

“I’ve been trying to cut back on caffeine so I recently did some research on alternatives! I’ve started drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning which helps detox and maintain my digestive health. Along with the obvious bonus of Vitamin C, this duo also offers potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium!” - Nicole, Product Development

"Here’s my favorite way to make coffee in the Brew Bottle!

  • 3 heaping tablespoons French Roast coffee grounds
  • 1-3 tablespoons condensed milk (depending on how sweet you’d like it)
  • 8-10oz hot water (depending on how strong you’d like it)
  1. Pour the condensed milk into the brew bottle.
  2. Fill the filter with the coffee grounds
  3. Set the filter on top of the brew bottle, and pour two tablespoons of hot water into the filter and wait for 5 seconds to “bloom” the coffee.
  4. Gently press down on the coffee grounds using a small spoon to compress the bloomed coffee in the filter. This will help slow down the drip of the coffee to give the coffee more flavor.
  5. Slowly pour the rest of the water into the filter, and allow the coffee to drip into the bottle.
  6. Remove the filter, and stir to mix in the condensed milk." - Linda, Sales