Drinking water is overrated (kidding...kinda)

Drinking water is overrated. We’re kidding. But we’re all for diverse methods of hydration—drinking water, coffee, tea, the occasional ice cube, and best of all—eating water. There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that are overflowing with water and instead of staring down the inside of your eight glasses each day, try these fruits and vegetables to keep your hydration levels top notch.

Watermelon (92% water): this summer favorite is still in season for a bit longer and it’s a secret way to keep kids hydrated outside. Remember when picking a watermelon at the market it should be heavy (that means it’s packed with juice, aka water).

Cucumbers (95% water): they don’t just hydrate your under-eye circles, they are stellar at giving your diet a hydrating boost. 

Tomatoes (94% water): instead of a glass of water, you can grab the occasional handful of cherry or grape tomatoes to keep up your fluid intake.

Strawberries (90% water): who ever said no to a strawberry? Not us, that’s who. And now that we know they’ll keep us hydrated we think we might increase our intake.

Celery (95% water): a good crunch, a mild refreshing flavor, and an easy snack when we need a nosh (if we add peanut butter, the water content doesn’t change, right?).

Other fruits and veggies that are over 90% water include zucchini, cantaloupe, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, and at a high of 96%, lettuces really pack the water in. The next time you’re feeling unfocused, sluggish, and need a good jolt, consider a salad over or alongside that cold brew—it’ll hydrate you and help you feel regenerated.

Bon appétit!