Bottles & Bikinis

Soma has been huge fans of ADAY since they launched (our Marketing Manager lives in the Brakes On leggings.) One of the many reasons why we’re such big fans? ADAY’s ethos is in line with ours -- their founders Meg He and Nina Faulhaber want to design clothes that help save the planet. 

Their best selling pieces are made from moisture-wicking fabrics that are so versatile you can wear them to the gym, the boardroom, or to bed (all places we recommend taking our Soma bottles as well). While the clothes look and feel amazing, they also come with a mission: reducing the environmental toll that our obsession with snagging the hottest trends takes.

Creating, purchasing, and wearing sustainable clothing isn’t as easy as it sounds. 
“If you have a natural material, like cotton, that tears easily and does not have many wears, then it’s not very sustainable,” Faulhaber says. “But if you have something that is made of plastic that never decomposes when it is thrown into a landfill, that’s terrible as well.” 

He and Faulhaber strive to make their mark by creating products that are versatile and durable, seasonless and long-lasting -- meaning more wears, and less waste. 

We’re all about brands that help the environment and keep the athleisure movement alive. ADAY checks off both. Keep an eye out as we do more with one of brand BFFS and check out their website at