How Do You Brew?

Our Brew Bottle works hard. It makes delicious pour over or cold brew coffee that you can take along wherever you go. It also eliminates waste with its reusable mesh filter and keeps your beverages hot or cold with its double-walled insulation. But, there are three of them. So how do you choose? Take the quiz below to find out which Brew Bottle should be by your side.

When I think “vacation,” I think _______.

  1. Paris, Milan, Tokyo, yes please
  2. an Indian ashram yoga retreat, Hawaiian beach volleyball, or one of the seven summits
  3. as long as a tent or cabin is involved, I’ll be happy

When I work out, it matters most to me that _______.

  1. my workout ensemble is on point
  2. I stay in my target heart rate zone for 30 minutes or longer
  3. my workout is on a patch of green grass or sand and under a blue sky

The best time of the year is _______.

  1. Fashion Week (all of them!)
  2. Fall Marathon Season
  3. anytime the weather allows me to go for a hike or stroll

When I read the news, I head straight for the _______ section.

  1. Style
  2. Health
  3. Travel

My favorite hashtag is _______.

  1. #ootd
  2. #workoutwednesday
  3. #outdoorlife

Sometimes, I spend too much money on _______.

  1. clothes, shoes, and other accoutrements
  2. fitness classes, training sessions, and cold-pressed juice
  3. getting to the nearest mountain, body of water, or other natural wonder

The operative word is _______.

  1. sartorial
  2. namaste
  3. wanderlust

Coffee is _______.

  1. the ultimate post-party hangover cure
  2. pre-workout fuel
  3. best enjoyed outside

If you chose mostly 

1's like all classic accessories, the Brew Bottle for you is black

2's a navy Brew Bottle is your best bet

3's blend in with your surroundings with the olive Brew Bottle