Introducing The New Soma Bottles

When you design a product, it’s important to take your time. You fuss over it. You consider the materials, the aesthetic, the impact it will have on the environment and the most responsible way to make it. You create several options and then painstakingly narrow the field before choosing the best one to send to your partner, your parents, your friends, colleagues, expert product testers (aka people just like you) and asking them to give it to you straight. 

Our first Soma Glass Water Bottle was a beautiful, thoughtful product that hundreds of people put work into developing and hundreds of thousands of people love. And for which we are impossibly grateful. But as with anything, time and distance open up room for new ideas and perspectives. And that growth leads to innovation – in our case, the next generation of the Soma Glass Water Bottle. 
These bottles were created based on feedback from all of you on what would make the bottle even better than it already is. You asked for a larger, more stable bottle, with a handle and a wider mouth. We’ve answered with our new iteration of the Soma Glass Water Bottle. 

It’s everything you love about our current bottle with tiny (but mighty!) tweaks that make it more user-friendly to keep you hydrated throughout your day. 

From top to bottom, our new bottles are exactly what you’ve been asking for: