Meet The Ceramics

Our newest product line let’s you pick which personality
you relate to the most (or assign your own!)
Whether you’re a coffee drinker, tea drinker, or iced-
coffee addict, we’ve got a mug for you!
Which color are you going to take out today?

meet mint


Dreams of moving to California
Known for researching matcha for hours on end
Won “Most Likely To Be Caught Daydreaming”
Refers to herself as a free-spirit
Leak proof lid comes in handy (she’s prone to spilling things)


Thrives in New York City
Often seen wearing sunglasses inside
Drinks iced coffee no matter the temperature
Loves watching true crime documentaries
Double-walled ceramic keeps iced coffee cold in 90 degree
weather or -10 degree weather


Considers herself a jetsetter
Likes to match every outfit to her accessories
Always down to grab a cappuccino and catch up
Often referred to as “the life of the party”
The ceramic keeps her perfect brew tasting pure, none
of that metallic-y or plastic taste