Keep It Cool, Keep It Tasty

Now that we’ve created the newest evolution of our bottle, we’d like to highlight one of the features that makes it most drinkable: the wider mouth. Not only is it the perfect sip, but it leaves room for so much possibility to change up your hydration. Which, we all need sometimes. Particularly in the summer months when the heat removes water from our bodies at a faster rate and refreshing beverages make all the difference.

So then we thought, who are we if not expert hydrators? And we asked around for the best ways to use this new feature and make delicious summer watertails – perfectly acceptable at-work drinking.

Citrus Cubes

Lemon and lime are classically energizing, but just squeezing them into the bottle or tossing them in is old hat (reliable old hat, of course!). We like to squeeze them into an ice cube tray, freeze, and add them to our water bottles in the morning. Bonus: by skipping out on the rind, you don’t have to worry about any of the bitterness that comes from leaving the fruit in too long. Just a nice new way to do lemon (or lime) water.

Founders Favorite

Our CEO swears by his new summer sip – a sprig of mint, a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice, three ice cubes, and carbonated water from your Soda Stream (or as we love in Brooklyn, the Seltzer Boys delivery). 95% water + 3% oj + 2% mint = 100% happy.

Cucumber Kiwi Cooler

There’s a reason cucumber water is in every spa across the world -- it’s calming, it’s hydrating and it tastes good. But paired with kiwi, it’s better than that. Peel and slice one kiwi and one cucumber (this you can do peeled or unpeeled) and add them to your Soma Glass Water Bottle, fill with water and refrigerate overnight. You’ll thank us in the morning. Share your #watertails with us, we love new recipes. Cheers.