Moms Make The World Go Round!

At charity: water, no matter where we go, moms always amaze us. They are strong, resilient, generous, and deserving of every celebration. Pela, a mom that we met in Madagascar, is all of those things and more. I can’t wait to tell you her story!

When we met Pela, she had been walking the same route to collect water every day, three times a day, for twenty years. Her trek included a treacherous climb into a deep ravine where she would fill her Jerry Can at the river. Then, she would carefully make her way back up the steep, slippery rocks.

It was hard, dangerous work—work that once landed her at the health clinic. And while her kids were old enough to help, she rarely let them.

“My children can get the water when they don’t have school,” Pela told us. “Their education is a lasting legacy that I can offer them.”

In many communities, women and girls are responsible for collecting water. Pela, however, had other ideas. She sent her then 17-year-old daughter, Gisèle, to school alongside her brothers.

“My mom says school is the most precious thing she can offer us," Gisèle explained.

Pela agreed. “That’s why I work so hard, so that they can study and be educated.”

Today, thanks to an extensive piped system with 36 tap stands, Pela no longer has to walk for water. The solar-powered system now brings clean water right to the surface, not far away from where Pela and her husband live.

And Gisèle? She goes to school worry-free, no longer concerned about her mom’s tiring walk to the river.

When generous companies like Soma partner with charity: water, hardworking moms like Pela get their time back. That time turns into new businesses, bigger dreams, and more opportunities—for themselves and their families. Thank you for helping us honor and celebrate moms all around the world this upcoming Mother’s Day!