Our Favorite Season

It has arrived. In all of its humidity-filled, sweaty glory: cold brew season! 

But that’s the thing, there are more options than just cold brew (though, we’ll be real, cold brew is AMAZING).  Here are our favorite summer cold beverages beyond our BAE, water.

You know the classic cold brew recipe: scoop coffee grounds into the Brew Bottle filter, pour in the water, put your Brew Bottle into the fridge, and wake up to delicious cold brew coffee. But what happens when you forget the night before? Or if you just don’t have twelve hours to wait around for your cold brew? 

You make a classic iced coffee, of course. Here’s how: in your Brew Bottle, make a strong version of a standard pour-over (that’s two heaping tbsp coffee grounds and just over 1/3 the amount of water) and then take your filter out and add ice to the top of the bottle. If you’re adding sugar or milk, do that pre-ice, the sugar will dissolve quicker and the milk will cool the coffee furthering the life in your ice cubes.

Speaking of ice cubes, you can even make them out of coffee to prevent dilution of your brew. Just make a standard pour over and then distribute it evenly into your ice cube tray to freeze. 

Or you can try something we just did on a whim and are now devoted to: making ice cubes out of sweetened condensed milk to add to our iced coffee. Mix one can of sweetened condensed milk with an equal part of whole milk (or your favorite dairy-free milk!) and then distribute it evenly into your ice cube tray. Freeze, and then when making your standard iced coffee, substitute these ice cubes for the regular ones. 

And if you’re not a coffee drinker, any of the aforementioned recipes can be made with tea: cold brew tea is altogether delicious, iced tea is a classic for a reason, and our iced milk tea is as good as you might imagine.

Stay cool in this heat.