Product of the Month: Filters!

Our product of the month is...*drumroll please*...our filters! With three different subscription options, it can be tough to figure out which one is best for you. Commitment is scary, so we’ve created a couple options so whether you’re here for a long time or a good time, we’ve got you covered. 

Not into long-term relationships? We recommend our one-time purchase plan! With this plan, we allow you to purchase a two-pack of filters at once, whenever you want. Each filter lasts approximately two months giving you four months of delicious water. But we can’t promise you’ll remember to change your filter after that four months...

Think you’re the person who will forget to change your filter? Our favorite plan, the years worth supply plan, makes that nearly impossible. Prepay today for a full year of filters and receive our two-pack of filters every four months. Time flies when you have fun drinking water. 

Feeling a little Goldilocks about the above options? We have one last plan that's juuuuuuust right -- our pay as you go plan! Our pay as you go plan ships you two new filters every four months, charging your credit card with each shipment. Don't worry, you can pause or cancel anytime (but we hope you don't).