Shipping Up To Boston | Boston Takeover

Soma’s favorite fitness guru @pickles.7 is showing us how he takes over Boston! From teaching at Barry’s to sippin’ coffee on the harbor, Soma lets him do it all.

 "Every morning starts early here in Boston (between 3:30+5:30am), whether a Barry’s Bootcamp class (love a good 5am banger) or a walk (ride) with the queen herself. I’m a firm believe in waking up early and setting the tone for the day with some form of productivity. "


"Off to start my day! I’m always on the move, whether it’s a Barry’s class, meetings, or off to go workout. I’ve been having a blast networking and connecting with different people/brands for the past few months since I’ve moved to Boston (Soma being one of them)! I truly believe with social media and networking, every opportunity is one connection away."

"I always try to get a workout in before noon (run/Barry’s,Crossfit) and one in the evening. It helps keep me engaged and alive. Soma helps keep me hydrated. I can’t say enough of how great their bottle is, not only aesthetically, but their lid is phenomenal #teamnospill."

"On top of fitness and entrepreneurial pursuits, I own and help manage a screen-printing/embroidery company with my biz partner and best friend. Nothing like an early-afternoon pick-me-up in their ceramic mug and crushing my email list

Off to my second workout of the day! I always try to mix strength and cardio. This afternoon I’m off to invictus CrossFit to throw some weight around. I’ve found nothing builds a bond quicker than getting sweaty next to someone.

Evenings consist of classes, dinners, or slowing it down with a sauna session; bed time normally finds itself somewhere between 9-11pm. I’ve been amazed with not only the quality of Soma’s products, but the quality of their team. Brands are only as great as the people behind them. Thanks for following along for a day!