Shopping Sustainably

As we tick off yet another holiday, we’re still not pros at celebrating during a pandemic. If you’re anything like us, your holidays, your day to days, and let’s face it -- your life -- is very different these days! 

While, luckily, Santacon is cancelled, the tradition of gift giving isn’t on hold. While it’s safe to assume you’ve already gifted your love ones with many Soma products *wink wink* we’ll hook you up with some of our favorite ways to keep this years shopping on the sustainable side. 

  1. Buy Less, Give More

I’m sure your parents have told you this many times, it’s the thought that counts, right? It’s true! Sometimes, and especially when gift giving, less is really more. Something special and meaningful means so much more than heading to your local department store and grabbing something for the hell of it. Take our word for it, one small, sincere gift will go over much better than a bunch of mediocre ones (and is much less wasteful!) 

  1. Shop Local

You’ve heard us say this plenty of times throughout the pandemic, shop local! While finding items that are locally made not only reduces the environmental impact of shipping and delivery, it supports local businesses that are struggling now more than ever. 

Found the perfect gift on Amazon? Or at the mall? Do a quick Google search and see if you can track down an option that was made locally! 

  1. Experiences Count!

Remember when we were little and we’d give our parents gift certificates to spend time with us? That’s kinda what we’re talking about. While typical experiences such as museums, spa dates, or movie theaters are off limits there’s plenty of things you can do with your time. 

Cook your favorite dinner for your roommate! Rake the leaves for your grandparents! Babysit your nieces or nephews and give your brother a much needed date night -- the list goes on.