Stars are Just Like Us


It’s so nice to flip through a magazine and see a star you watch on the red carpet doing something you do every day -- like using Soma!

Are you more a Mandy? Jennifer? Or Meghan? All these badass women use their Soma bottle to make it through their days in Hollywood (or Kensington).

Mandy Moore tosses her white bottle in her bag during a big day of meetings to make sure she’s always staying hydrated (especially after all those tears she loses filming This Is Us).

Supermom Jennifer Garner always has her grey Soma by her side while she’s shuffling her kids to basketball practice, school, and back to basketball practice. Thirty, flirty, and thriving.

Duchess/Suits Star/Blogger extraordinaire Meghan Markle totes around her mint bottle to yoga -- and we assume to all royal events?

Who do you want to see next with their favorite Soma bottle? We’re thinking Leonardo DiCaprio -- fingers crossed.