Style Tips with Soma

There are plenty of reasons we choose reusable water bottles. We want to do our part to eliminate single-use plastic. We want to have a lower impact on the environment. We love that glass and ceramic offer a much cleaner taste than alternatives. And we drink Soma because we can have all of that and we get something beautifully designed that we’re proud to carry with us.

Style + function = Soma. And we love that our color palette can carry you from one activity (and outfit) to the next.

If you’re hitting the gym, we suggest our grey bottle.

Heading to the beach? Blush all the way.

Emerald looks great on a hike against nature’s backdrop.

And sapphire or mint can add just enough color to liven things up.

Need to go incognito after a long night? Olive is essentially camouflage.

And if you’re ever in doubt, white goes with everything.

Match your Soma bottle to your outfit and tag us on Instagram. We’d love to see your Soma style.