Sustain your healthy lifestyle!

It can be tough to stay on top of the things we want to do when we’re balancing others and trying to keep our sanity. For example, we want to eat healthier but we’re so tired at the end of the day that ordering takeout is just easier. Or we want to exercise more but sometimes we dread it and we’re just so tired. Or we want to get a good night’s sleep but bingeing a cliffhanger show always seems to win out. Here’s the thing: all of that is okay in moderation.

There is nothing wrong with takeout, skipping workouts, and watching “one more episode” three time in a row—just as long as we do those things once in a while. We often become derailed from our healthy habits because we don’t make space for anything else—and that’s not sustainable. Sustainability isn’t just something we should look for in the things we buy or eat but also in the way we approach our lives: and moderation is sustainable.

Here are some things you can do to sustain a healthy lifestyle:


Making it sustainable

Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods (you know, the kinds that don’t come in a box!).

Sometimes, order takeout. It’s delicious.

Make most of that food plant based.

Eat meat too, just less often and try to know the source.

Stay hydrated.


Admittedly, this one is non-negotiable. But if you slip up, just try to catch up and stay on track.

Meditate, and take time for quiet reflection.

It’s okay to skip this sometimes, forcing it won’t help you calm down.

Prioritize your sleep.


Sometimes we just need to know what happens in the next episode, or to catch up with our friends in that wacky time zone.

Find a workout that works for you—Zumba, HIIT, running, Pilates, yoga, Freeletics, martial arts, dance class, etc.—there’s something for everyone.

It’s okay to skip this too sometimes, maybe on a day when you were up late the night before watching tv or attending a Zoom party.

Keep an active day—stand up from your desk, walk around the block, etc.

We all have lazy days, when they are rare it makes them that much more enjoyable and guilt-free.

Take the stairs.

We all have limits too, sixth floor walk-ups are our cap.

Learn to say “no.”

Everything is a choice and growth is knowing when to say no.


Here’s to sustainable living!