"The #1 Item That Inspires Drew Barrymore to Drink More Water"

Our 10 Cup water pitcher is a fan favorite and the newest aficionado is none other than Drew Barrymore!

Our handsome filter was featured on The Drew Barrymore Show as part of her “Drew’s Little Yellow Book” series during which she showcases what to read, eat, wear, watch, and experience — and now drink!

Barrymore goes on to recall the first moment she laid eyes on the show stopping filter, "I was like, 'what is this?! This is so pretty!” and even goes on to encourage her viewers to sign up for our Filtered by Soma subscription service.

Not only does co-host Ross Matthews declare the Soma pitcher “the most beautiful water filter” he’s ever seen, but he also plans on using it as the picture-perfect centerpiece (do you think he read our blog when we recommended the Carafe as the ideal Thanksgiving centerpiece?)

Want to learn more about our filter or get some more design inspo from the team over at The Drew Barrymore Show? Watch the full video

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