Where can Soma take you?

Do you remember those days when you were a kid that never seemed to end? Summer vacation days when you’d leave your house on your bicycle or on foot, when the air was still cool. You wouldn't get back home until the sun was setting and the fireflies were beginning to light up the night sky? The pool, the park, the beach, local hangouts – the days of endless adventure?

We miss those. We bet you do too.

And in our busy adult lives, commuting to and from work, sitting at our desks indoors, even working out at the gym, those days can feel far away.

So, let’s find them. The best part about them now is that while the days aren’t endless, the possibilities are!

Take a hike, walk across a bridge, or wander just to get lost. Get outside for your workouts instead of staying inside at the gym. Those old local hangouts are now your new fitness playground – run through your neighborhood, do your circuits in the park, swim laps at the nearest body of water. You might even discover places you just walk by in your hurried rush to and fro.

Go in search of adventure! Fly across the sky to a new place, or hit the road to a familiar one that you haven’t seen in a while. City, countryside, the open water. You can go anywhere in the world.

Soma can take you there.