Why Choose Soma?

Last week we talked about the plastic crisis and how plastic bottles are the primary culprit. Reusable water bottles are a hot ticket in 2020, and there are endless choices out there. We know you already carry your Soma bottle with you everywhere, but we want to tell you a bit more about it so that you can be even more confident in your choice. Armed with the facts about plastic consumption from last week and details about our Soma bottle that you may not already know you’ll be sure of exactly why you drink Soma.

Sustainability Abounds! Our Soma bottle is made from three sustainable components:

  1. Durable borosilicate glass, aka sand – you know the kind you find at the beach! Glass is infinitely recyclable since when it erodes it just turns back into to sand. And borosilicate glass is a higher standard, making it tougher than ordinary soda lime glass. That said, it is still glass after all, so we’ve given it this next bit…
  2. A protective BPA-free silicone hand-grip sleeve. Silicone is durable as well and far more ocean friendly than plastic since it doesn’t degrade the way plastic does. This sleeve protects your glass bottle and gives you a soft handgrip for easy carrying along throughout your busy day. And because you’re busy, you don’t have time for any mishaps, so we top your bottle off with…
  3. A leak-proof bamboo cap. Bamboo is a renewable resource, so we love using it in our products. Inside the bamboo camp is a small recyclable plastic liner, because bamboo is not waterproof – so you’d be all wet without it!



We know what sets us apart aesthetically. The Soma Glass Water Bottle has become a statement on its own. It is  beautifully simple, comes in a variety of colors, and can act as the ultimate accessory – telling the world that you care about hydration and you support clean water projects in developing countries (because you already know that a portion of our sales goes to our partner Charity: Water).

The Soma Experience

Our goal with our new Soma glass water bottle is to give you the Soma experience you’re used to with our Soma Carafe and Pitchers, only on the go. A simple, stylish, sustainable vessel to protect your water and keep you hydrated throughout your day. And glass offers a super clean taste, so your water tastes just like it did after it went through your Soma filter into your pitcher – no remnants of metal or a dull plastic in your mouth. Keeping you happy, hydrated, and healthy.