World Oceans Day

June 8th is World Oceans Day. We’re bombarded with news today about climate change, rising sea levels rising, melting ice caps, and thermal expansion. And it’s all important but it can be overwhelming. So let’s start with the most basic thing – the air we breathe. The oceans and specifically marine plant life are responsible for 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere, according to National Geographic. So the simplest reason to care about ocean health is for your own.

And the simplest way to keep single-use plastic out of the ocean? Don’t use it. There are plenty of sustainable alternatives and they each help you do your part but the best of them, by far, is glass. Made from compressed liquid sand, glass is one of the most renewable resources there is. Sand comes from weathered and eroded ocean rocks and pieces of shells and coral that have been deposited on the coast by the waves for millennia.

Your Soma bottle’s life cycle is sand to sand. So using it isn’t just a great way to help save the ocean waters, it’s a way to connect to them.

Here’s to healthier oceans. And a healthier you.